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16th August, 2007

Advertise on The Pet Network

Advertising on The Pet Network is an inexpensive way for you to give your business exposure and target the pet friendly audience.

Banner Ads

The banner ad The Pet Network use measures 468x60 screen pixels and is displayed prominently at the top of each page above our catch phrase 'New Zealand's Online Guide To Pets'. The cost of a banner ad is measured on a CPM rate. The CPM rate is a widely used web method for measuring exposure based on what are called impressions. CPM is the cost per 1000 impressions.

What's an impression?
An impression in web advertising terms is a 'single view of an ad', in other words if you visit a new web page and and see an ad banner, that would be classed as 1 impression, if you re-loaded that page or visited another page within the site and saw the ad banner again then that would be classed as another impression.

The Cost

The CPM for The Pet Network is $20 (+gst) (that's 2cent per impression, or 1000 impressions for $20).

My Ad Banner

You the advertiser can supply your own Banner Ad but if you don't have one we here at The Pet Network can design one for you. See below for details about this.

Banner Design

The Pet Network offers a banner design service. For further information about Banner Ad design please contact The Pet Network.