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28th January, 2018

Breeder (Other)

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Wildtreasure Bengals

Contact: Patty Sierra
Address: 38 Awarua Crescent, Orakei, Auckland
Phone: 09 5246656

Description: Bengals are stunning looking cats and Wildtreasure has been producing top quality kittens from imported lines. All of our kittens have lots of handling and are raised inside which makes for a very loving campaign. Each kitten is given its first shot and comes neutered. All kittens come with registration papers and are litter box trained.



Contact: Tim Jeffcott
Address: 2A Ruarangi Road, Mount Albert, Auckland
Phone: 09 8153456
Fax: 09 8153451
Mobile: 0275645991

Description: At Edeltier we specialise in breeding quality Siamese and Orientals. We have top award winning cats and kittens but the health, wellbeing and temperament of our cats is paramount. Kittens available most of the year.


Howick Boarding & Breeding Cattery

Contact: Jan Willis
Address: 9 Union Road, Howick, Auckland
Phone: 09 5349959
Fax: 09 5345358
Mobile: 0275534996

Description: Like a small but beautiful version of the lynx, the Norwegian Forest Cat is part of Norway's fauna. For many of us, it is the faerie cat we chance upon while out in the wilderness. Proud - yes, of course - and with a good deal in it that is still wild, yet not aggressive, and quite prepared to be affectionate. Wegies, Norwegian Forest Cats, skaukatt - all names of that somewhat Maine Coon-like, medium-haired cat from Northern Europe. 'Skaukatt' is the Norwegian word for it, meaning literally Forest Cat. (Pronounce somewhat like scowcat but make the ow more like eow :-) It's not a wildcat, but a breed of the same species as all our domestic cats. Actually, the official name is Norsk Skogkatt/Norwegian Forest Cat/Norwegische Waldkatze/Chat des Bois Norvegien. That is, these are the names in the three official FIFe languages. In the following, the abbreviation NFO is used for this breed, it is defined in FIFe's EMS code. You'll find the code at the FIFe EMS page.


Lablover Kennel

Contact: Helga Lakatosne
Address: 922 Kopuku road, Maramarua 2471
Phone: 021 2585728
Mobile: 0212585728

Description: To live with a Labrador: My short and quick answer is: IT IS FULL OF ADVENTURES! Of course, I have a longer opinion about living together with a Labrador but first this came up into my mind. There are numerous writings about the intelligence of this pedigree, love towards children, adaptation to a new environment... Continue on the website.


Berlington Kennels

Contact: R.J.Pearce
Address: 822 Ponga Road
Phone: 09 2988887
Fax: 09 2988887
Mobile: 021928884

Description: Over 20 years experience,showing,grooming and breeding Standard Schnauzers.So easy to say great things about my dogs, however references are the best way of checking. Registered NZKC member.


Redboy Staffs

Address: PO Box 20634 Glen Eden
Phone: 027 2591701

Description: We are a small kennel carrying some of new zealands most well known lines. our matings are selective and well thought out, our aim is to produce staffords which are true to stature and nature. our babies are brought up in a family environment and are very social, we have an extensive contract set in place to insure our dogs go to the right homes. You are welcome to email your details to go onto our data base.


Runciman Rottweilers

Contact: Runciman Rottweilers
Address: 10 Cameron Town Road, RD3. Pukekohe.
Phone: 09 2387926
Mobile: 027 2212282



Ashdale Kennels

Contact: Denise Roberts
Address: 576 Woodcocks Rd Rd1 Warkworth
Phone: 09 4222667
Mobile: 0274263709

Description: We are a small NZKC registered kennel breeding quality Labrador Retrievers and Beagles.


Little Chintas Chinchillas

Contact: Rebekah

Description: Auckland Chinchilla breeder, registered with The Chinchilla Network chinchilla club. My focus is on producing the highest quality chinchillas possible in New Zealand\'s limited gene pool. I also rescue chinchillas.