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29th January, 2018

Breeder (Other) - Tauranga

  Contact: Francisca Baars
Business Name: Skyewood Leonbergers
Address: R D 5, Tauranga
Phone: 07 5440958

Description: We have owned and bred Leonbergers in New Zealand for 13 years, and greatly enjoy their company. They are very much family members. Over the years we have imported from Norway, Finland, Sweden and Australia. We enjoy showing our dogs, and also the water work that they love so much. Please contact us for more information, or to arrange a visit.

  Contact: Linda Sheely
Business Name: Curraleigh
Address: Tauranga
Phone: 07 5711992
Fax: 07 5711992

Description: NZCF registered breeder, specialising in silver short haired Burmillas. Raised and socialised in our home, used to dogs, cats, grandchildren and usual household noises. All my cats have the most amazing temperaments and make amazing pets.