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Llama Dog Breeders - New Zealand
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28th January, 2018

Llama - Camelidae Breeders - New Zealand


Allure LLamas

Contact: Lynn Cameron
Phone: 03 5259668
Mobile: 0211068231

Description: Llamas for fun and more fun.


Charma Llama Farma

Contact: Alan & Liz Scott
Phone: 09 4059335
Fax: 09 4059336
Mobile: 0274056965

Description: Llamas can be very enjoyable, but that joy must be tempered with responsible handling on our part. If the fun and joy of a relationship with the Llama is to be lifelong, safe and comfortable. As long as we keep our responsibilities and the wellbeing of the Llamas foremost in mind, the potential for enjoyment throughout the Llamas life is boundless.


Karma Llamas

Contact: Penny King
Phone: 021 749406
Fax: 02 697406

Description: Llama Trekking with well trained llamas in beautiful places with good food and fine wine.


Golden Bay Llama Safaris

Contact: Ora Holland and Armin Schramm
Phone: 03 5258416
Fax: 03 5258416

Description: Golden Bay Llama Safaris breds chilean llamas for there fibre and good nature. We have young stock, (some stud quality), breding females and trained geldings for sale. We stand three studs available for outside services. Visitors most welcome by appointment.


Rangemore Llama Farm

Contact: Julie Insley
Phone: 09 4077107

Description: Learn about llamas, come for a day and get hands on experience. Rangemore has a large selection with just about every shape, colour and size llama imaginable.


Northumberland Downs / Cameloid Court

Contact: Jan McLay
Phone: 03 3126979
Fax: 03 3126978
Mobile: 0256041809

Description: Stud services and agistment available.