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Abyssinian Cat Breeders - New Zealand
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28th January, 2018

NZ Cat Breeders - Abyssinian


KayJays Abyssinians and Ocicats

Contact: Kirsty Bissett-Clark
Phone: 09 2996933
Mobile: 021567400

Description: Beautiful kittens with outgoing, loving natures, raised in the home with us for important socialisation. Abyssinians are elegant Egyptian cats who live to be loved!


Menelik Abyssinians

Contact: Georgina and Brian O'Connor
Phone: 03 3324459
Fax: 03 3322088
Mobile: 0274 345678

Description: Abyssinians were adored in ancient Egypt, so much so that their owners mummified them when they died so that they would join them in the afterlife. You would want to continue the relationship too- I breed stunning blues, sorrels and ruddys with wonderful temperament, they are loved right up until they go home to your place.


Danz Abyssinians

Contact: Dean Thomas & Andrew Barnfather-Thomas
Phone: 09 2764459
Mobile: 021 880350

Description: We breed ruddy,sorrel and silver Abyssinian. $500-00 for neutered, speyed and fully inoculated and $600-00 for breeding kittens. We let them go at (12) twelve weeks after their second injections. We help the new owners for as long as they need assistant. The kittens are all very friendly and well socialized.


Kemenkat Abyssinians

Contact: Gail Warwick
Phone: 03 3482550

Description: Absolutely fabulous Abyssinians, raised in the home to be people orientated, affectionate pets. Producing mainly ruddy and sorrel, with occassional blue or fawn. Older cats sometimes available.


Abyrose Abyssinian & Ocicats

Contact: Jody Robinson-Wildey
Phone: 06 3274272
Fax: 06 3274217

Description: Breeder of Quality Abyssinians & Ocicats from NZ & Imported lines. Raised with Love! NZCF cattery accredited. Enquiries welcome


Zahari Abyssinians

Contact: Kirsty Young
Phone: 03 3836335

Description: Small cattery in Christchurch, New Zealand breeding healthy, well-socialised kittens with excellent type and colour.


Exodus Abyssinians

Contact: Claudine & Stuart Johnstone
Phone: 03 4728390

Description: NZCF registered. We breed beautiful Ruddy, Blue, Fawn, Sorrel (and have the potential to breed blue) Abyssinian Kittens who display excellence in type, colour, ticking and temperament. Our breeders come from top international lines. Our kittens are house reared with alot of love.

  Contact: Chris Boniface
Phone: 03 960 444

Description: NZCF Registered cattery breeding Abyssinians and Ocicats for the very best temperament and quality. All our kittens are raised lovingly indoors and are well socialised, desexed and vaccinated before leaving for their new home. We can have Ruddy, Sorrel, Blue and Fawns in the Abys and several colours in the Ocicats too. Feel free to call for a friendly chat.


Ankober Cattery

Contact: Thelma Blythen
Phone: 09 4317142

Description: NZCF Registered cattery breeding our beautiful Abyssinians from top bloodlines since 1985. Mainly ruddy kittens with the occasional sorrel. Our kittens are raised in our home so they are people oriented and ready to steal your heart.