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Birman Cat Breeders - New Zealand
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28th January, 2018

NZ Cat Breeders - Birman


Jamell Birmans and Ragdolls

Contact: Sheryl
Phone: 07 5792343
Fax: 07 5792342

Description: Registered breeder of birmans and ragdolls. For healthy kittens raised underfoot with the real laid back attitude then contact me. Birmans and ragdolls are the ultimate lap cats that absolutely adore contact with their humans.


Belzicatz Birmans

Contact: Diane Holtom
Phone: 06 7534115
Mobile: 027 2857601

Description: Lovely temperament Birmans brought up in a family surrounding.

  Contact: Fiona Clement
Phone: 09 2984757


Lilymist Birmans

Contact: Julie Brown
Phone: 03 5472981
Mobile: 027 4218848


Adorabella Cattery

Contact: Cheryl Blake
Phone: 07 8624993
Fax: 07 8624992

Description: NZCF Accredited Cattery. Breeding kittens with loving temperaments. Most colours available including tabby pt. Cattery inspection welcome by appointment.


Saharamist Birmans

Contact: Tara Ramsay
Phone: 03 3544557
Mobile: 0274511189

Description: Hi. I am a NZCF Registered breeder and have been breeding Birmans for almost 10 years. Currently I breed blues and seals but this year I am introducing new colours into my lines such as the lilacpoints, chocolatepoints and tabby points. All kittens are reared in a loving and caring environment.


Cornerstone Cattery

Contact: Sandra Carter
Phone: 07 8270474
Mobile: 0210633881

Description: Hi, My name is Sandra Carter and I breed the Beautiful Sacred Cat of Burma which is called Birman. My kittens are bred with beautiful temperaments and are house-reared to make them well socialised for their new homes. The colours I breed are Sealpoint, Bluepoint, Chocolatepoint .


Sceiron Birmans

Contact: Michael Robinson & Pauline Spink
Phone: 04 2398139
Mobile: 0211600771

Description: New Zealand Cat Fancy Accredited breeder. Currently breeding Seals, Blues, Torties, Creams and Reds. All kittens lovingly raised indoors. Cattery inspection welcome by appointment.


Creeash Cattery

Contact: Carol Ashcroft
Phone: 09 4343959
Fax: 09 4343959

Description: Quality house reared, personality plus birman and burmese kittens.

  Contact: Helen Baybe
Phone: 06 3441177
Mobile: 0211431021


Concerto Birmans (NZCF Reg)

Contact: Judy James
Phone: 06 342 7272
Mobile: 027 223 7535

Description: Seal, Blue and Lilac Points available. All breed and reared within our home for the very best temprement and personality. All pets kittens are sold at 12 weeks, de-sexed and fully vacinated, so a stress-free adoption for all. Kitten viewings are available by arrangement. All enquiries welcome.


BeauMinou Birmans

Contact: Therese Higgins-Exler (Terry)
Phone: 09 8108191
Mobile: 0277675834

Description: We are a small NZCF Registered Cattery. Our cats live in our home with normal day to day bustle and young children. We occasionally have kittens available (see our website)