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Devon Rex Cat Breeders - New Zealand
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28th January, 2018

NZ Cat Breeders - Devon Rex


Purrafunalia Cattery

Contact: Gillian Dray
Phone: 07 8584322
Mobile: 021 02974345

Description: Small boutique cattery located in Hamilton. Breeding delightful curly cats. Devon Rex and Selkirk Rex cats.


Wisecracks Cattery

Contact: Judy Dickie
Phone: 07 5420462
Fax: 07 5420462
Mobile: 0276307039

Description: We have a small cattery in the country, our cats are raised and live as much loved family members. Sadly our stud cats have to be housed in their own home but have access to a large area of our grounds. We breed for health and temperament, and kittens are very well socialized with our children, parrots, dogs and a constant flow of visitors.


Loriendale Devon Rex

Contact: Roy Griffiths
Phone: 03 3225805
Mobile: 0210495915


Sassykatzen Cattery

Contact: T.Kappler
Phone: 03 3316570


Yedolem Devon Rex Cattery

Contact: Melanie Odey
Phone: 07 8555208
Mobile: 021874475

Description: Yedolem Devon Rex Cattery is a small breeding cattery. Our key objective is to improve our Devon Rex gene pool for future generations. We do not sell for breeding unless long term integrity and commitment is demonstrated. We may occasionally have kittens available for pets or show. Questions are very welcome.