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La Perm Cat Breeders - New Zealand
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28th January, 2018

NZ Cat Breeders - La Perm



Contact: Kiwie Cattery
Phone: 07 8287779
Mobile: 0272497075

Description: The fur is the characteristic, which sets the LaPerm apart. Ringlet-type curls. The tightest curls occur on the underside and base of the ears, with a curly, plumed tail. The curl ranges from tight ringlets to long, corkscrew curls. It is soft in texture, but each cat's coat is distinctly unique. Some kittens are born hairless, but most have short, wavy hair at birth. Often the tops of their heads will be bald during the first four months or so. They can also be born with straight hair, then lose it. For the first six months, it's pretty much a guessing game.


WhitiKitti Kattery

Contact: Ronnie James
Phone: 07 8662349
Mobile: 0274830162

Description: La perm stands for curly and that's what they are,smooches and hugs, they sure are the star, of affection and love they can offer you more, than just a meow and a scratch on the door. Their coats are wavy of which they won't drop, on your bed, on the couch or where ever they stop. Once you've owned a LaPerm, you too will agree, they're the best-est of cats, just wait... you'll see!!