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Ocicat Cat Breeders - New Zealand
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28th January, 2018

NZ Cat Breeders - Ocicat


Abyrose Abyssinians & Ocicats

Contact: Jody Robinson-Wildey
Phone: 06 3274272
Fax: 06 3274217

Description: Breeder of Quality Abyssinian & Ocicat kittens from Imported and NZ lines. Kittens house raised with love. NZCF registered & Cattery Accredited. Enquiries welcome.


KayJays Abyssinians and Ocicats

Contact: Kirsty Bissett-Clark
Phone: 09 2996933
Mobile: 021567400

Description: Elegant spotted cats - the look of the wild but with sweet loving natures. Kittens are raised in the home with us for important socialisation. Ocicats are very chatty and love to have conversations with you.


Kemenkat Abyssinians And Ocicats

Contact: Gail Warwick
Phone: 03 3482550

Description: Breeding Ocicats with Leopard good looks and loving personalities. Raised as part of our family to be part of yours. NZCF registered and Accredited.


Sharic Stud

Contact: Karen Earl
Phone: 03 3479047

Description: NZCF reg breeder of the Delightful Ocicat in Canterbury, NZ. Ocicats are delightfully different lounge leopards! All domestic breeding, no wild genes, these smooth coated, spotted, exotic-looking cats are moderately large and athletic, come in a myriad of colours.