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Persian Cat Breeders - New Zealand
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28th January, 2018

NZ Cat Breeders - Persian


Howick Boarding (& breeding) Cattery

Contact: Jan & Ivan Willis
Phone: 09 5345595
Fax: 09 5345358
Mobile: 021-534-996

Description: Breeders of the good old-fashioned persians. Colours mainly white, shaded-silvers and sometimes blues/blue smokes.


Edelbrock Persians New Zealand

Contact: Tania Peterson
Phone: 03 2177137
Mobile: 027 555-6137

Description: Breeder of bi-colour and van persians. Situated in Invercargill, New Zealand. Kittens raised with love and come with pedigree, NZCF registration, vet check, vaccinated. Pet kittens sold desexed, will ship.


Captivating Persians & Exotics

Contact: Rosy & Samantha Pratt
Phone: 04 232 8329

Description: Captivating is a small cattery situated in Wellington breeding with only the best imported lines. All kittens come NZCF registered, vaccinated and with full care instructions. Colours include Bicolours, Tabbies, Solids and Silvers.


Lavatera Cattery

Contact: Jennie Paul
Phone: 09 2989793
Mobile: 027-4831229

Description: I breed Persian & Exotic Colourpoint/Himalayans and some solid & Broken colours. All kittens are home raised and PKD Negative Lines. Show & Pet quality kittens.


Silverado Cattery

Contact: Kathie Wilson
Phone: 07 3477714
Fax: 07 3477714
Mobile: 0274 355-602

Description: I have colour point Persian kittens, I have been a breeder for fourteen years, I raise kittens in the home so they are well adjusted to people before they go into their new homes. Give me a call if this is the kitten for you.



Contact: Wendy Hesp
Phone: 06 3799300

Description: Breeding healthy happy persian kittens pkd negatative cattery certificates for all parents breeding solid colours plus by colours black and white blue and white plus himalayian colour point kittens.


Levanti Cattery

Contact: Kim Mattler
Phone: 09 8338866
Mobile: 021 448866

Description: Persians, specialising in chocolate and lilac bicolours, but most colours available, including tabbies. Visit my website to see what litters are expected soon.

  Contact: Barbara Dickison
Phone: 03 4488633


Askari Cattery

Contact: Diane Davidson
Phone: 09 6386409
Mobile: 0212632334

Description: Beautiful Persians with personality plus. Registered breeder of 37yrs with the NZCF Inc. All Colours reds, creams, blacks, tortoiseshell, bluecreams and Bi colours. House trained, vaccinated & desexed.


Askari Exotic and Persian Cattery

Contact: Diane Davidson
Phone: 09 6386409

Description: Registered Cat breeder of 35yrs with the NZCF Inc. Breeding top quality show & loving pets for those who are looking for a special family pet in there life. Askari kittens make wonderful companions they come House trained, vaccinated & desexed.

  Contact: Heather Macferson
Phone: 07 8270300

Description: I specialise in chocolates mostly with some other colours too. Occasional Exotics and Chinchillas available. Please email for up to date photos of kittens available.

  Contact: Kasabrook Persians & Exotics
Phone: 07 5430678

Description: Breeder of solid, bi-colour and tabby persians and exotics. Situated in Tauranga, New Zealand. Kittens are raised in our home and come with pedigree papers, NZCF registration, vet check, desexed and fully vaccinated. Enquiries are always welcome.


Meekojen Cattery

Contact: Jenny & Ivan Lloyd
Phone: 07 5788916
Mobile: 0211083722

Description: We breed Himalayans and Bi-colour, in both Persian and Exotic. We have most colours available. Our cattery is based in Tauranga. Visit our website to see what litters we have planned and what is available.


Snagglepuss Cattery

Contact: Myra Hansen
Phone: 09 2782729

Description: Welcome to Snagglepuss Cattery. We have a variety of good quality persian pet kittens for sale (depending on avaliability).

  Contact: Eternalflame Persians
Phone: 04 5286090

Description: Beautiful Solid White & Black Persians available to loving homes. Top quality stock


Helenca Cattery

Contact: Helen McCaig
Phone: 07 8248900
Mobile: 027 351 4827

Description: NZCF and CATZ INC. registered cattery breeding top quality Persian, Exotic, Napoleon, Munchkin and Lambkin kittens. From top show winning bloodlines, Helenca kittens are famous for their wonderful, outgoing temperaments and fabulous good looks.


Pawtrait Persians

Contact: Mary-Anne Cowan
Phone: 07 8557504
Mobile: 021 0727417

Description: Situated in Hamilton New Zealand, NZCF registered breeder of Persian Cats. Breeding solid, broken colour, tabby and bi-colour.Our lines are PKD negative.



Contact: Yvonne Pender
Phone: 03 3528143
Mobile: 027 229 5650

Description: I breed shaded silver and chinchilla with the occasional silver tabbie. All kittens are health checked, and desexed before leaving our home. They have been wormed and vaccinated ready to leave from the age of 12 weeks.


Strathern Cattery

Contact: Elizabeth Halley
Phone: 07 3778459

Description: My cattery is small and is selective for temperament we are p.k.d. negative .kittens available .we specialize in all colours of himalayans good sound imported stock.


Elderberry Persians And Exotics

Contact: Christine Wilkinson
Phone: 021 1340165

Description: My breeding focus is on smokes and tabbies; with good type, health and temperament being of strong importance. Our cats are all screened by DNA testing for PKD and are PKD-negative. Our kittens are raised indoors to ensure they are well socialised and a pleasure to have as pets.


Rosimorn Cattery

Contact: Robyn Morrison
Phone: 09 4258286
Fax: 09 4258286
Mobile: 021 1465498

Description: I have all colours but specialise in the recessive chocolate and lilac colours, solids, tabbies and bicolours, in both Persians and Exotics. Pet kittens are fully vaccinated and desexed before placement. Rosimorn is a FIV, FeLV and PKD negative cattery. Pet and show quality kittens available to selected homes.


Sweetpea Cattery

Contact: Erin Davidson
Phone: 07 5786294
Mobile: 021 898532

Description: NZCF & Catz inc Reg Breeder Our small exclusive cattery devoted to breeding and showing of Himalayan Persian & Exotic cats, our kittens are born and raised in our home. We bred from only the most placid of breeding cats, breeding beautiful, friendly loving kittens. We breed Himalayan and Solid, in Chocolate, Lilac, Blue, Black & Seal.


Pepperbox Pedigree Persians

Contact: Ian & Jan Gray
Phone: 04 2984307
Mobile: 0274494301

Description: Pepperbox Pedigree Persians on the Kapiti Coast is a private cattery for breeding and showing. NZFC Inc registered since 1992 our cute kittens are home raised, inoculated and if for show registered with NZCF. We are willing to help those who wish to become pet owners or registered breeders. Inquiries welcome. Call us on 04 298 4307


Dandari Cattery

Contact: Annette Siegert
Phone: 03 6862173
Mobile: 0276750779

Description: I have been a registered breeder for 17 years with NZCF. I breed solids, tabbies, silvers and chocolates. All kittens are from PKD negative lines .


Lavender & Lace Boarding Cattery

Contact: Vicki-Marie Thomson
Phone: 06 8450289
Mobile: 021687690

Description: I breed Himalayan Persians from PKD neg parents - show and pet quality boarding cattery and grooming services availabe

  Contact: Decorama Persians & Exotics
Phone: 027 3075899
Mobile: 0273075899

Description: I have been breeding the Persian for approx. 22 years and started breeding the Exotic approx. 5 years ago.I breed both Bi-Colours & Solids in both. I have shown my Cats/kittens throughout N.Z. gaining National,Regional,Supreme and Numerous BIS Awards I have Pet and Show quaility kittens available during the breeding season.



Contact: Anna Liza de Gala-Pena
Phone: 09 2570315
Mobile: 022 023541

Description: Specializing on breeding Himalyan Persians & Exotics,arrays of colors from cream tabby point,bluecream point, bluepoint, lilac point,sealpoint,chocolate point, seal lynx point (future stud-imported from Germany). My lines of cats & kittens are PKD-Negative tested. They are very placed cats & kittens, loves company, good with young families or even teenagers. They get along fine with adults too. They roam freely @ home - NO CAGES FOR MY BEAUTIFUL BABIES. They come from imported pedigree lines ie: USA Genuine enquirers are acceptable & you can call me any time. Season will start around October till November, so babies will be available for adaption early March to April @ 12 weeks of age, they will be fully vaccinated, wormed, flea treatment, groomed & bath, nail clipped, six week pet free insurance toilet trained. A deposit of $200 is needed to secure your kitten so choose very carefully, no refund option is available. Secure your kitten as early as possible, taking orders now, colors are not guarantied or sex of the kittens, all will come with a pedigree papers transferred to your name and a vet check plus the vet booklet, all kitten are desexed before leaving and finding a new home. Micro-chipped kitten will bear an additional cost for the new owner, I do deliver my kitten to their new home, I would like to talk to the new owners regarding where are they going to live, they are \