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Selkirk Rex Cat Breeders - New Zealand
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10th March, 2018

NZ Cat Breeders - Selkirk Rex


Purrafunalia Cattery

Contact: Gillian Dray
Phone: 07 8584322
Mobile: 021 02974345

Description: Small boutique cattery located Hamilton. Breeding delightful curly cats. Devon Rex and Selkirk Rex cats.

  Contact: Heather Macferson
Phone: 07 8270300

Description: Selkirk are an exciting new breed. I have both short and long haired in curly and straight. I am delighted to show this season a beautiful lilacpoint short haired boy. Even the straight kittens are popular as they are very round faced and look just like teddy bears! Email me for photos of kittens that are currently available.


Sassykatzen Cattery

Contact: T.Kappler
Phone: 03 3316570

Description: Cats With Curls and Charisma..