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Siberian Cat Breeders - New Zealand
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28th January, 2018

NZ Cat Breeders - Siberian


Whimsical Siberians

Contact: Kerry Simmons
Phone: 04 5286090

Description: We are the first and only breeders in New Zealand that are breeding these cats! These cats are excellent for people that suffer with allergies, we welcome families to come around to test how you react around them. They are a large longhaired breed of cat, that are slow to mature to there full size.



Contact: Coco Kristen
Phone: 04 9712214
Mobile: 0210388375

Description: we are breeding lovely, very cuddly an healthy Siberian kitten for almost 10 years. All our breeding cats are imported from Russia and Europe, were the Siberian cats came from. We are breeding the highest standard you get in New Zealand, from very different bloodlines. All our cats are PKD tested and free! We raise our kittens as a part of our family. Come along and have a visit and get your popular kitten.


Seacliffe Siberians

Contact: Judee Vidal
Phone: 09 6250048

Description: Seacliffe Siberians breeds low-allergen Siberian cats in Auckland, New Zealand. Our Siberians are pedigreed, and bred from lines with no known history of HCM or PKD (heart and kidney diseases). They are raised in our home and are part of our family. They are playful, affectionate and, of course, extraordinarily cute.