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Frequently Asked Questions About The Pet Network
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11th March, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this directory just for New Zealand businesses and organisations?
    Yes. The website is for New Zealander's and aims to support New Zealand pet service providers. The website is also New Zealand owned and operated.

  2. When registering, how do I make a duplicate entry for more than one service?
    At present you cannot, you must repeat the registration process for each additional service. If however each entry is going to be more or less identical, then register one service and email details of the additional services to info@thepetnetwork.co.nz and we will duplicate your records and change the service details.

  3. What registration details will be listed on The Pet Network website?
    The input page for registration details is divided into two sections, a "Postal" section and a "Service / Business" section. Only the Service / Business information will be put on the website. The postal details are for The Pet Network's records only, and will be used for administrative purposes only.

  4. When registering I have problems entering my phone number?
    The contact/business phone and fax input fields are limited to 7 digits (a typical NZ phone number). The directory listings will automatically format each phone or fax number (excluding mobile OR freephone) with the area code, a space, and then a space again after the 3rd digit eg. 09 555 5555.

  5. Will my email address appear on my listing?
    No, but users of the site will be able to email you through our site's webmail form. We encourage you to include your email address when registering as it enables users browsing our site to contact you via email. The Pet Network has decided not to publish email addresses to prevent you receiving unwanted "spam" mail.

  6. Is The Pet Network for businesses and clubs only?
    No. The Pet Network also caters for non-profit organisations, animal rescue, and animal welfare groups. The Pet Network is currently developing a section for these groups. Watch this space!

  7. Donating to an animal treatment cause?
    If in a position to help, to protect yourself, The Pet Network recommend that your donation be made direct to the treatment provider.

  8. Does The Pet Network offer advice on Pet matters?
    No. The Pet Network is first and foremost a service directory. We do however provide information, resources, and links to resources on our website that may be of help to you.