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2nd May, 2006

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Kitten dials 111
[ 15/06/2005]

Tabby the cat may be only four months old but he already knows what to do in case of an emergency. read more »

Pet pulls amazing survival act at sea
[ 01/03/2005]

David Paine doesn't like to think what might have happened if his 4-year-old jack russell terrier... read more »

Here's the whisper on dogs
[ 19/02/2005]

The more you know, the less the chance of being bitten, says Australian dog expert John Richardson. read more »

Fresh meat takes biscuit in a healthy cat's diet
[ 04/02/2005]

A fat cat is not a happy cat and pet owners need to feed their feline friends fresh meat as well as dry cat food, a Massey University scientist says. read more »

Cat which inspired $1m gift
[ 29/01/2005]

The Tauranga cat which inspired a $1 million donation to the SPCA has a habit of landing on his feet. read more »

Gallery gets petty with show of favourite mogs and dogs
[ 26/01/2005]

If you like animals, especially cats and dogs, you'll be tickled by the Auckland Art Gallery's Raining Cats & Dogs show. read more »

A day for dogs to take the lead
[ 24/01/2005]

Man's best friend is in for an afternoon of doggy fun when the popular Dogs' Day Out is held at Marfell Park this week. The New Plymouth District Council has ... read more »

Editorial: Beware dogs should be golden rule
[ 20/01/2005]

... the Auckland SPCA delivered some pertinent advice. "Our plea to parents," said chief executive Bob Kerridge, "is still to teach all children not to approach unknown dogs." read more »

SPCA working flat out in stray season
[ 14/01/2005]

The Christmas rush isn't over yet for the Auckland SPCA in Mangere. The busiest time is in January and February, when adoption rates decrease... read more »

Your naughty dog could be a genius
[ 12/01/2005]

If your dog tears up your living room every time you go out, it might just be showing signs of genius, visiting British expert and author Jan Fennell says. read more »